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Three Questions W/: Author & Love Coach Cherry Bomb [Editorial] Jamestown: Tell us your story & take us through the inspiration and process of completing your “I Am Not A Hoe” book. Talk about the word hoe, stigmas and double standards surrounding the word. What will both men & women gain from reading this book, what are the takeaways? Cherry Bomb: The thing that inspired me most and contributed to my writing the “I Am Not A Hoe” handbookwould definitely be my disgust for behaviors exhibited by young women today.In my opinion nine out of ten women are hoes and they are in denial about that. They participate in loose behaviors and promiscuous lifestyles, but try to convince themselves as well as others that they are “good girls” . First off good girls are the minority and unfortunately in today’s society not the popular choice. In writing my hand book never did I intend to encourage or discourage the behavior, I just shined a light on a taboo subject. My book is a tutorial on different types of hoes. I put in black and white what so many women are determined to deny. I document the thoughts that men have had for years, but only rappers are bold enough to say. I give points of reference to first establish if the reader is indeed a hoe, and if so, additional questions help identify exactly what type of hoe they are. My book is a blueprint of sorts; realizing that you are a hoe, guidance on getting your act together, getting structured and getting some money. With that being said most peoples’ first question is “Are you promoting prostitution?”, my response… “YES !”. But it’s deeper than that, I endorse a woman entertaining men for money, as that is productive and strategic versus a woman laying with one man after another with no other goal outside of an orgasm or even worse… So far on my journey of enlightening hoes I’ve been met with a surprising amount of women that agree with me, and have in turn accepted and professed “I am a Hoe”. The next installment in my “I Am Not a Hoe” series, is entitled “The Professional Girlfriend”. In this eagerly anticipated follow-up book I will be sharing with all of the out of the closet hoes, ladies and wives, my secrets and tips to being the perfect girlfriend. I found writing both of these books relatively easy because I am well versed in and have a lot of passion for the subject matter. The word hoe is funny to me. The urban dictionary defines a Hoe as “a loose promiscuous woman”. I agree that those characteristics are definitely part of the meaning, but don’t encompass the word in its entirety. I believe that being a hoe is a lifestyle that surpasses sex or sexual acts. It is the way one carries themselves, the company you keep, the places you frequent, your style of dress and even your vernacular. I also don’t care for the sexist application of the word, as if to say only women can be hoes. I think we can all agree that a man can be a hoe too. I am so tired of this stereotype, but unfortunately I only dedicated a few pages to men in my handbook. I do plan on tackling the subject at a later date. I feel that both men and women can learn from my book. Men will hopefully stop referring to women in such a derogatory manner and take responsibility for their role in women’s’ decline in morality. Most women validate themselves through the eyes of their fathers and lovers, so how you see her and treat her is in turn what she will often become. I strongly feel as if I wrote my handbook from the whispers of men as you walk by. It is cumulative opinions and shared stories from the barber shops. It is a glimpse into the minds of men, their unspoken truths. I allow women to see themselves how most men see us. I hope that my book will educate women on how they are being viewed. I wrote it to take some of the power out of the word Hoe, and I pray that readers take from it what they need, if nothing more than a laugh. Jamestown: Generations differ, so let’s compare & contrast them. What hoe characteristics & behavior for millennials are different from older generations & what societal/technological changes caused them? Cherry Bomb: The hoes of yesteryear were far more lady like, and strategic, back in the days if a woman found herself in need of a carburetor that she could not afford, she found a mechanic that was sweet on her and drowned him with her “sugar “. Literally or metaphorically, whichever the situation called for, the result was a repaired vehicle for the women and her children and a happy mechanic. Today’s hoes have no strategy or priorities in the dishing out of their “sugar” they are usually vehicle less and see no harm in using public transportation to get to a man. They use their resources to get their rocks off even if the man they take two trains and a taxi to screw used to be a mechanic, currently owns a dealership and has two cars in his driveway. They flat back with this man all night causing their children to miss a day of school because they are too tired for the commute home in the morning. Women fought so hard for liberation, equal rights, equal wages and have made so much progress in their war against sexism that they have lost sight of the power of simply being a woman. The introduction of online dating and social media hasn’t helped women find their strength in love and life. It has weakened women, making them feel inferior to the billions of women with pretty profile pictures all looking for love. For men I think it has given them a grandiose complex because they have so many “available” women at their disposal. It has created a quick turnover rate and short attention span. We live in an assembly line world where you can pick your next mate with a double click. Jamestown: Layout the impact you intend to make in literature. What are you working on next & how can people support you? Cherry Bomb: In my writing I say the things people think, but fear saying and give taboo subjects a platform. I hope to make an impact on closed minded and judgmental people and provide a voice for women everywhere that are tired of being ashamed of their lifestyles. That’s my politically correct answer. My Cherry Bomb truth is: I wanna help these Hoes get this money, and the game is to be sold not told. So for a small fee I can help them get like me. Lol nah really the first answer…… I guess. My hand book “I Am Not A Hoe” is available on as well as my site my social media is @MoreCherryBomb. Thank you Jamestown for an intriguing line of questioning!





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