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Love Coaching

Love coaching sessions are one on one private therapeutic conversation between you, and I. During our time together you can confidently share with me your fears, concerns, hurts and pain we will work through these obstacles together. We will strategize a plan towards finding your happiness and sustaining it. I will hold your hand through Love, and life guiding you along the way. I will be your shoulder to cry on, and the confidant you can rely on to keep your secrets. We will share laughs, and cries. We will pray together, converse, or when needed sit in silence. When life gets, tough I am your life line, if ever you’re in need I am your help line, and once we build together work through some of the mess of life
I’ll be the loudest amongst the crowd cheering you on through the finish line to the balance and clarity you seek in love, and life. I offer tips on keeping the sexy in your relationship, spotting Mr. Right, preparing yourself for Mr. Right. I’ll give advice on first date do’s and don’ts. I’ll teach you the tips to make asking for monetary gifts easier. The list of skills I have to lend is endless these are just a few.

What To Expect:

A clean, safe, and comfortable environment. You will have private therapeutic conversations with me. I will not be judgmental. Your secrets are safe with me as extra security confidentiality contracts are provided. Sessions will be catered to your specific needs therefore there is no description or layout for the course that will be taken during your journey
towards happiness.

Sessions can be conducted in person via phone or email

Love Coaching Pricing:

$40 per hour per session

Pre paid 3 session package $100.


Couples Sessions:

Couples sessions $65 per hour per session.

Pre-paid couples 3 session package $175.


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