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The name says it all or does it? After you read this funny light hearted hand book you tell me do you agree with the title?

HILARIOUS even if the content makes you blush you will still get a good laugh.

FUN this handbook is an easy read consisting of only a few pages it’s short, to the point, and packed with humor.

No matter your opinion of the subject matter YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

So sit back kick ya feet up while under that dryer, while waiting your turn at the salon, on your lunch break or anytime you can steal 30 mins. For a good laugh, and enjoy the candid, heavily opinionated, no holds barred writing style of Cherry Bomb.

2 reviews for I AM NOT A HOE

  1. cookie
    5 out of 5


    This book is so funny . I laughed from beginning to end, I planned on just reading a few pages before bed, and next thing I knew I was up an hour later high lighting my favorite parts to share with my girls at work. It’s a must read . I’m glad I bought it

  2. read more


    Many thanks for sharing this information so freely. You ought to think about writing a book.


  3. Love Lucas
    5 out of 5


    This book is amazing!!! Again it’s all a matter of opinion and Cherry did a great job at delivering the REAL…….

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